Saturday, 5 March 2016

MT SPA Athletics 2016: Mr Bloors Sensational Video

Auroa Primary School has some amazing things happening and some amazing people who work for it. Mr Bloor is our audio visual specialist who produces some breath taking word. Mr Bloor has just added another aspect to his incredible videos - a drone! There are some shots in this video taken during fly overs - just an amazing piece of work. You can view some of his amazing work on his Sonic Video Studios Channel. These highlights record Auroa Primary School's successful defence of the Athletics Shield from the MT SPA Cluster on Thursday 3rd March 2016.


  1. That is truly commendable and a tad inspiring! #offtogetadrone :)

  2. Thanks Mrs Buist - Mr Bloor is amazing its something that he does with passion and the material that he produces is always sensational.

  3. Hi everybody !

    We are very pleased with all your successes during this athletics day which seemed very pleasant.
    Congratulations to all the winners (and to the others too for their positive mood) !
    LET'S GO AUROA !!!

    We would like to congratulate the talented movie Director who help bring the Auroa School's life into our class in France. His videos are so beautiful, his work is truly awesome !

    The Students of the CM2 from Brindas, France

  4. I love your video mr Bloor. What is the song