Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Is this 8C Selwyn House? R3 Thinks it could be...

Thank you very much for all of you who have responded already for our 'Room With A View' building task for this year.   We've already completed a draft of Mrs Ladd's Class from the United States of America, which you can see below this post.  We also wanted to acknowledge the fantastic detailed feedback that we received from our friends in 8C Selwyn House.  You can follow the link to this post which features comments from the Girls here.

Our Maths groups then took the time to create a two dimensional map based on the information provided from the students of Selwyn House.   We had some great learning discussions about it and there was some disagreements about what was correct but the job was completed in the end.

Is it correct? Is this a drawing to scale? What features need to be changed?

Then once we had the two dimensional model of Selwyn House completed we converted it from a two dimensional model to a three dimensional model.  We did this by adding blocks to create an affect.  Our next task is to talk to students who are in the classroom and determine whether or not it is accurate - if we need to change anything we can do so now.   We have used blocks for this so that then can easily be shifted and adapted.

How accurate does this look? How do we need to alter it before we create a 3D model? Does the information provided need to be clarified?

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  1. Hello Mr Webb and R3,
    Annabelle and Zelle here from Selwyn House 8CF.
    Your modal was quite accurate the only thing that I would change
    is move the boxes next to the artwork and move the sink next to
    the boxes. Otherwise you did very well. I hope you had fun and our
    instructions were easy to co-operate with.

    Hope to get in touch soon.

    Annabelle Velenski and Zelle Logan
    Year 8 Student