Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Recount Writing: Kaponga Soccer by Alex

It was a nice sunny day to play soccer. It was the day that we had to go to Kaponga to play for the Y7/8 (11 year old to 13 year old) Soccer Tournament for Schools for our local area. We had to get into the car to go to Kaponga School.

We hopped out of the car then we practised for a few minutes but I sprained my ankle when I tried to slide tackle the ball. So I had to sit down and rest and wait for the team to practise.

The first game was coming up and I couldn't play in it because my ankle was still sore. I tried to run but it was still sore and I couldn't. I tried running on the spot and I got to play in the third to last game.

I got up and started to defend the goal and I got to play three games before my ankle started to play up again, so I went off in my last game and rested again. At the end of the day we lost all of our games. Everyone in Room One is writing recounts for the end of the year, this is by Alex from Room One who was part of one of the two Soccer teams that Auroa Primary School put in the Y7/8 Mount Spa cluster competition.

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