Monday, 10 November 2014

Character Book Day Projects: Wheres Wally?

As part of Auroa Primary Schools Character Book Day all our students had to produce a Google Presentation on a character who was featured during the day. Mrs Auld our receptionist choose to be 'Wally' from the 'Wheres Wally' series of books (we think its 'Where's Waldo for our American friends which we thought was funny). This presentation was produced by Leila from Room One. The images that are contained in the slideshow are taken from the series of books by the author.


  1. Hello Myles,

    Thanks for sharing this slide presentation. I remember when Where's Waldo was popular. It is interesting to see that students today are researching this topic, which is now history. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes when our students researched this topic I see its nearly been ten years since the author last published a book, but I suppose if you sold fifty million copies then you probably wouldn't need to work again too much. Thanks for your comment.