Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What do we have for School Lunch in New Zealand?

Mr Webb is spending some teaching blocks in the moment in Room Eight.   Room Eight is Mr Webbs favourite place to teach and the students have two wonderful teachers, Mrs Berry and Miss Nicolas.   Mr Webb and his students are doing some work currently on lunches and what students have to eat, a worldwide project with some other teachers from around the world.

Yesterday in Room Eight the students went to their bags, got their lunches out of their bags, brought them into the classroom and laid them down on the learning tables and took photographs of what they had for lunch.  These are the photos that some of the students took.

What items for lunch that the students eat in New Zealand can you recognise? Is there anything that you are not sure about? That you don't understand? For our overseas visitors our school is located rurally in South Taranaki and our students don't buy their own lunches before or during school, they have to make them and bring them to school themselves.

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