Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Lake Rotokare Reserve - Report by Hayley

The Overgrown Jungle

The trees were hanging over the track and they were softly tapping on my head as I scooted past. Hiding the sunlight away from the soft brown earth. It was like a overgrown jungle with only one way out .  A saddleback was in the tree, singing a sweet tune to me.

On the track there were rat traps and mice traps. Zoe's Mum set off one of the traps, she poked the lever with a stick - Bang! It made me jump! Bang! Then we moved on to the end and took in the beautiful lake views.

There was not a single ray of sunshine peeking through the leaves . “Yuck mud, oh no it's on my shoes”I said with dismay. The mud was like chocolate pudding. Slush, slush sounds came from the mud as people passed through, covering everyone's gumboots and shoes. A little bit of Lake Rotokare are for everyone to take home. I enjoyed learning about our native plants and animals ,learning about our world and how to care for it .We don't have a lot of native animals in the world, so we have to look after and treasure the ones we do have . By Hayley

You can find out more about Lake Rotokare Reserve by visiting their official website.

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