Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Kaya and Dylan B from Mrs Yollis Class Writing

This week we've been looking at narrative writing from a pair of students from Mrs Yollis class in the United States of America.  It features a dog called Buck, who is Mrs Yollis dog! We started by looking at their writing, sharing it and then completing the task of finishing the story! Not only that but when we finished our version of the story we shared it back to Mrs Yollis and she commented on our students work.

When Mrs Yollis was commenting 'live' on our students work we were amazed because we realised that we were a day ahead of the United States of America and while it was Wednesday midday here in New Zealand it was Tuesday afternoon at the same time in the USA.

It was a great example for our students to read a narrative from other students from another part of the world.  We haven't finished yet.  We are creating a wall display featuring Mrs Yollis and her students work to put on display and help us improve our writing.  Thank you Kaya, Dylan B, Mrs Yollis and all the students in your amazing classroom.  You can click on the link to the blog here.

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