Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Jamesen's Bald Eagle Research

As part of our #Global Pals project we've been looking at studying several different countries and animals for our friends from Mrs Monaghan Class in the UK, Miss Crowther and her class in Australia and Mrs Yollis and her class in the United States.  Jamesen (who is 'half' American) has been looking at the Bald Eagle.  Our favourite fact and one we didn't know was that its proper name is the 'Pie Bald Eagle' which means 'white' (in old English) and its name has been shortened to 'Bald Eagle' which is why a Bald Eagle isnt bald!  We are really excited to be part of this project and looking forward to can't wait for the arrival of our first visitor!


  1. Hi I am apart of mr Webb's class and my name is Jamesen as mr webb was saying I am half American.

  2. Hello Jamesen! I really thought your project was interesting. One problem is the picture was to blurry I could not read it. But that was it. My one question is I thought male Bald Eagles were lager than female ones. I had thought that we had a cool connection we both did animal research. Great job!