Friday 25 November 2016

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 14

The greatest internet classroom blogging competition of all time is drawing to a conclusion... it started in April... twenty competitors this week the final five contestants are revealed...
whose game was about to end... who would make it through a step closer towards the grand final...

In a shocking twist this challenge was filmed straight after the vote from the previous episode- this meant the teams had not chance to converse or plan who to vote for, who could be trusted? Would the group of students from Room One stick together again?

What of the immunity idols? Where are they? Has the super immunity idol, the fabled horse of power, been located? Someone is playing their cards close to their chest - will it be revealed this episode? Who is the person who is secretly hiding power waiting until the moment they strike? Someone is biding their time until a move is made - will it be too late? Has the moment passed or is the biggest blindside in the game just about to happen...  Someone is smiling - will it turn to a frown this episode?

Is another blind-side on the cards? Who would YOU trust? All these answers and some more are about to be answered in Episode 14 of the Greatest Classroom Blog Challenge of All time!

All competitors had to do this week was stack ten blocks end on end - in twenty five seconds, of course it sounds easy but everyone was desperate for immunity to advance to the next round.  No-one wanted to go home and someone was about to have to.
TaranakiSurvivor14 from myles webb on Vimeo.

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