Thursday, 20 October 2016

R3 Lamb and Calf Day - Supreme Champion

My Lucky Day

On the 13th of October I arrived at Auroa School for Lamb and Calf Day.  My next door neighbour wasn’t there so I waited and waited.   After a while I saw Ashleys car and went over to see her, after a while I saw Alison and Rob with the calves.

I helped get the calves out and tied my calf Honey up took the cover of and brushed her for a very long time then I walked over to the rings and waited for the juniors to finished.   Finally it ended then I had to wait for my number to be called.  Finally I was was called I was at the end waiting waiting finally it was my turn I walk the M and did a circle around the middle peg stopped when I was told then finished.  Mum said that I did it beautiful then it was ribbon time the judge called my number first then more people I can’t remember the order but I first I was so proud.

I was still waiting in line then we started walking it was rearing the judge looked at all calves then my calf.  Then stood in the middle then came back and looked at my calf again then I was told to come in the middle then more people were told I got first place and champion.

Waiting, waiting, “finally” I had to go to the ring where the grand supreme champion judging was.  I lead first I walk up then on a angle then more people lead then we walked in a line and stop the judges looked at all the calves then I was told to come up then Freddie I got grand  supreme champion then I helped put the calf's in the trailer then I did a cartwheel and hit Freddies jaw, fell on my head pretty hard and twisted my neck then we went to Hawara.


  1. Hi Mr Webb, my name is Ethen and I'm part of the #studbc from Mrs.Kriese's in Texas and I thought it was really cool that your class got to bring baby calfs and lambs to school.In Texas we never bring any animals or pets to school.To make it even more special to me, your calf was the supreme grand champion.Your reaction was hilarious when Honey won! Because I live in Texas,I have no clue where Hawara is, can you tell me where it is? Check out my blog

  2. Hi Myles I am Riddhi and I've enjoyed reading your blog because I never knew about Lamp and Claf Day.

  3. You did a good job! I am not familiar with what Lamb & Calf day. Is it some competition that you do at your school? Anyways I liked your blog writing and keep up the good work.- Kona

  4. This sounds like an interesting day! I'd like to know a bit more about it like, what is lamb and calf day? Next time, make sure to check your punctuation and spelling. Other than that, this post was really interesting! - Jason