Tuesday, 18 October 2016

R3 Quadblogging Classroom Comments

St Josephs Blog (above) is located here.

Mrs Osika Class in the USA is located here.

Merrydale Junior Blog in the UK is located here.

We are looking to visit the classroom blogs of the students listed above as part of the Quadblogging program - please remember the rules that are required for posting -


  1. It is wonderful working with other schools as a part of quadblogging. You can sometimes see what they do and different lessons they learn about.

  2. Hello Room 3, my name is Mrs Williams and I am the teacher of Class 6GW at Merrydale. I agree with Daniel that it is wonderful working with other schools as part of Quadblogging: it is really interesting reading about the different things that schools across the world learn about, as well as seeing what is the same. I have really enjoyed reading about your Calf and Lamb day - we don't have anything like this at our school!

    At Merrydale we are on half-term this week, which is a week's holiday from school :), so my class will visit your blog next week.