Thursday, 9 June 2016

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Six

Its the greatest online student blogging competition of all time... two teams competing against each other in a series of challenges to determine one ultimate winner. Kikorangi vs. Whero - student vs. student - friend against enemy. 

In this episode students had to carry water in a cup along a course over chairs, under tables and racing up a hill to deposit their water in a container held by their team mates.  To make it more challenging students from the other team were on the course throwing objects at the contestants in an effort to put them off and cause the contents of their cup to spill.   Kikorangi were on something of a comeback having won episode five and behind only 3-2. Could they even the scores and force another elimination?
Taranaki Survivor Ep 6 from myles webb on Vimeo.

This episode saw the first 'Immunity Idol' play of the 2016 season, one contestant fearing that their game was coming to an end made a decision to play an immunity idol which they had spent time  reading clues and searching for which was located in the school, giving them immunity from the vote.

Was it played at the right time? Would it ensure safety? Whose game would come to an end? All these pressing questions would be answered in Episode Six of Taranaki Survivor as another players game ends in a shock elimination... who will join the previous five eliminated contestants and who is one step closer towards triumph -


  1. This is great, Room Three, what a tense competition. I will look forward to seeing how this turns out!
    Mr Rockey
    Head teacher

  2. Mr Rockey
    We're going to be running this throughout the entire year so it will get intense as we head towards the half way point (which is where we nearly are). We don't have our end of school year until December so there's quite a way to go and a lot of twists and turns still to come.
    Mr Webb

  3. hi my name is kaleb and kaia We really liked that video. How did you put your names at the start of the video and it was cool how did the challenges I like how you did the intro like The Suviver and if you wanna check out our blog heres the link to it: