Friday, 10 June 2016

R3 The Fire on Rama Road

Tonight when I went to bed my Mum got a text saying that there is a fire on the corner of Rama Road, Dad got a call saying that “can you please get the fire tanker”, Dad popped out of his chair and said oh no I have to go and get the Royal fire truck, Mum said for me to go and get the girls I ran as fast as I could to get the girls I said we are going to look at the fire on the corner of Rama Road and I asked Mum can I please get my iPad to take some photos of the fire so we jumped into the car and went to take a bit of photos. Mum called our Aunty and uncle and asked if they would like to come and watch the fire go down. My Auntie and my Uncle turned up and the fire was nearly gone so we went home and got some cake but Alyssa,Lara and I played on our iPads for a little bit. Then we said I bet you that Dad will be there by now and mum said that they might be there all night so we might not even see dad till the morning and he might not go to work he might have the day off.

Regan, Room Three.

There is a link to an article on about the fire here.

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