Friday, 24 June 2016

Student Blogging at Auroa Primary School

During Term Four we have the MOA Awards.  There's various digital categories for excellence and we've featured various work from past years.   One of the categories this year is a 'Passion Blog' a specific blog which is related to a passion or special interest that the students have.  At last years awards we had two very special efforts from students at our school - Madaline from Room Two won best student blog, this year she is concentrating on her writing and
has an produced a simply brilliant student blog that features some of her amazing writing work.  It is a student blog of the very highest quality that is featuring some amazing work and may well be featuring later this year.   Not only is Madaline producing some special her sister Jorja, a former member of this classroom.   She won last years award for best student blog and is also producing some fantastic work as well.  These student blogs are simply sensational - genuine work of students (in their own time) who are producing work of a amazing quality.  Please support these wonderful blogs by visiting them and leaving the students a comment.

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