Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Science in R3: Mould


  1. Hey room three.
    I really like your video showing all those photos of mould. Was there a smell? How long did it take for the mould to form? All of the photos were taken very well apart from one or two. But still awesome.

    1. Jordan
      Thanks for your comment - yes the bacteria from the swabs did smell - we had to move them out of the cupboard into the art room because of the smell that was coming between the door! It was a really interesting experiment to complete and we were really surprised by the result.
      Mr Webb

  2. Did this take long? I thought about doing this with my class but I couldn't get a hold of petri dishes in time - this will be our last week before the October holidays. We have been looking at keeping healthy in Health and Wellbeing though and were discussing the importance of washing our hands last week. We currently have an experiment with 3 bits of bread: the children all handled one bit of bread with their 'dirty hands'. Then they went and washed their hands and handled another bit of bread and we put in a controlled bit of bread to see the difference in the mould. The children are excited to see the end result and always check the bread for mould every morning they come into class.
    The children were very excited by your comments and wondered if they could ask you and your class some questions. If you would like to collaborate we would be delighted to stay in touch, the children were loving the idea of speaking to another school across the world. We have a class email address if it would be easier to communicate this way?
    Miss Nicholson. Primary 4/5 - Tingwall Primary School. Shetland, Scotland, UK