Monday, 7 September 2015

R3 Seeking Input About Tornadoes!

This coming week Room Three have the School Science Fair. As part of this event we have students presenting about a variety of topics.  Two of the most prolific bloggers from Room Three, Caro and Jorja are looking at Tornadoes and how they form.  We have some limited local experience here in New Zealand (with one in the last ten years).  What we are looking for is additional experiences and information from students and teachers who have personal experiences with Tornadoes.

Do you have them in your region? Do you have information about them? Are there some special ways in which you have to be prepared for them? Can you share some information or photographs or other media about them? Would it be possible to Skype and talk about them?

Thank you so much for having a look at this post and if you could help us we'd really appreciate it! You can leave a comment here or email Mr Webb directly at

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