Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Senior Maths Challenge 2015

This is a post by Madaline from Room Two who wrote about the Senior Mathematics Challenge that took place at Auroa Primary School Hall on Tuesday. 

On Tuesday all the senior classes from Auroa School came  together for a competition to see who was best at doing maths grids and a game called kahoot.

First up there was the grids where four people from each senior class had to complete a 6 by 6 multiplication grid. The fastest time would win. In our team there was Joe, Caleb, Astin and I. It was very hard and I managed to get 100% in the time of 1.10. My sister Jorja got a time of 1.11 so I just bet her. It was a lot of fun and some kids came in a time of 40secs!

Secondly there was the Kahoot competition. Four kids from each senior class has to get some quickfired answers chucked at them and you had to get the right answer out of a multichoice of 4 answers. The only problem was everyone was doing those quickfire answers at the same time so if you got it wrong and they got it right they would be higher up the leader board. Kaiah Bloor from Room 1 took that competition out. Below there is a slideshow of the action.

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