Thursday, 17 September 2015

Auroa School Science Fair: Beth

We've had several major events at Auroa Primary School this week.   Yesterday we had the 2015 School Science Fair - as a result of our AKO (Inquiry) for two terms the students from Auroa Primary School presented in the Hall their investigations.  If you couldn't attend this fantastic event then you don't need to worry - this post from Bethany from Room Three shows everything that was on display - she created an iMovie showing all the displays and talking about some of the experiments.  You can click on the link here to her original blog post.
Yesterday it was the science fair and all parents were allow to go it was from 9am-8pm. When our class went we were allow to take our iPads and take photos or use our iPADs for scanning the QR codes. Me and Harry's experiment was about liquid force. It is testing what liquid could lift the most weight.


  1. Great Work! I love how all the presentations stood out and was a very visible presentation with lots of colours!

  2. I've just watched your video Bethany and I think that your science fair looks fantastic!! I will definitely be showing this to my year 3 class in Manchester, England.