Monday, 21 July 2014

NZAIMS Seven Weeks to Go!

We're very excited to be back at school and in class for Term Three, 2014.  We've a lot of major events this term.   On the sporting side we have our School Cross Country later this term.  We've also got our Taranaki Trophy, where we have a home and away competition against other Taranaki Schools in Netball, Rugby and Football.  We've also got a special national event in September.   The NZAIMS Tournament is featuring 225 Schools and over 7,000 students who will be competing in Tauranga in over 17 sports.   Auroa Primary School will be competing for the first time in Golf and Girls Basketball.  You can follow the build up to this event here as we prepare for our adventure.


  1. Hi this is Rose and Zoe from Taupaki school. Wow that is a lot of sports! It's great to hear you guys getting outside in the winter. Hope you have fun!

  2. Rose and Zoe
    Thanks so much for your comment. We are having fun at the moment and looking forward to all the great sport events that are happening this term. Do you have a class page at Taupaki School that we can contact you with.
    Mr Webb and Room One.

  3. Kia ora Mr Webb and Room 1, I'm a teacher at Whakatane Intermediate School and I too have students that are building up for the huge tournament. I will also be coaching a Rugby 7's team that will be attending AIMS. Good luck to your students and perhaps students from both our classes may even play each other at AIMS

    1. Mr Mita
      We aren't going to NZAIMS in Rugby Sevens, not this year. We are just doing Girls Basketball and Golf, however thank you for the comment, it is much appreciated and good luck for your team we might well cross paths during that busy week.
      Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

  4. Love your blog,
    Hope you do well in all of your sporting events,
    Good luck. Joshua

  5. Wow busy term! You guys have a lot of things to look forward to . Im also going to Aims games for Football i'm really excited it will be so much fun hanging around with my friends and of course playing Football . What sports are you guys going to be doing at Aims . And what is the most popular sport

    Ross Intermediate
    Palmerston North
    New Zealand

    1. Mason
      Thanks so much for your comment and yes we are looking forward to the NZAIMS Tournament. We are just doing Girls Basketball and Golf and its the first time that our school is entering, so we are very excited.
      Mr Webb