Thursday, 3 July 2014

3d Printer Design Classroom Project

During the past several weeks a group of Auroa Primary School students have been working on a design project with our 3d Printer.   As mentioned in the original post it centred around a broken latch for a classroom cupboard in Room One.

Today was an exciting day in class as the students believe that they have solved the problem.  The latch has taken many designs and many forms from its original incarnation to the version that has been printed in the last day.   You can see details of this in the video created by the students.  Michael and Logan, with the assistance of James, who is currently overseas have driven a project from the start.

They have identified the problem, created the design on paper (in their own time), designed it virtually (using Tinkercad), printed versions of the latch, re-designed the latch several times (currently in its eleventh version) and continued to re-model and redesign the latch.  They are at the point were they have created a 'ball and joint' mechanism, modelled on a socket design, that fits perfectly and will tomorrow be attached to the cupboard to solve the problem.

3D printer project: cuboard clips from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

A student solution to a problem with a great process and we couldn't be more proud of them.   This video below was created by the students and detailed the entire process.   The students are currently re-working a Google Presentation about the process which will be posted shortly.  This video created by Michael and Logan on Thursday 3rd July, 2014.


  1. Go Auroa designers. That circle nub design looks like it would do a good job of gripping the latch. Is it easy to open? Did you have to make many adjustments? Looking forward to seeing your future designs and a pic of this one in its final location. Hi to Mr Webb from the tron.

  2. It is easy to open and yes there have been many adjustments - this is version 12 of the latch, having completely redesigned it from what the students originally came up with. Our students are going to put it in the first week of next term so please stay tuned.
    Always nice for Mr Webb to hear from his friends.
    Mr Webb