Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Auroa Primary Schools 3d Printing Project

Thank you for your visit to our class page. Students in New Zealand are currently on their term two holiday breaks and will return to school on the week starting Monday 21st July. Our students have continued publishing in the meantime and you can see examples of these from the students blogs on the right hand side of our page. One of our most popular posts that occurred from last terms work was our 3d Printing Project. We've had a group of students working independently on a problem solving project. The students have identified the problem and moved through the problem solving process. The slideshow about the project has been updated and reflects the students progress. The project has undergone twelve or so prints that have detailed the significant changes in the project as the students have continued to adapt their production. The best part has been the students who are the ones driving the project. They are also responsible for creating this video detailing the progress: Where to next? On the first week of the term the students from Room One are going to mount the hinge on the door and ensure its completed and works. This will involve further testing and checking, and possibly more production. Our students will continue to document this process and post it online. Stay tuned and see you from 21st July.


  1. Hi Mr Webb. I recieved your comment today. I appreciate the fact that now I have a global, authentic and encouraging online audience. I like your 3d printer. Really interesting . Thanks, Quaid from Panmure Bridge School

  2. Quaid
    Thanks for your comment - great to see that you are active during the holidays and I will share you page with my students when term starts again. We love our 3d Printer if you need any help with running one please let us know.
    Mr Webb

  3. Nice work guys i really like your designs we also did something like this for tech.
    Please cheek out my blog here is the link.