Monday, 9 June 2014

Auroa Primary School - Moa Awards Information

Auroa Primary School is very lucky and excited to be part of a cluster of schools working together with our IT work.   As part of this our cluster of schools, the MOA Cluster, are having an awards ceremony during Term Three, at the Opunake Theatre on Thursday 25th September.   There are a large number of categories that the students can be nominated for their digital work.  The full list can be found here on the cluster blog.   We are asking this week that students choose an additional area that they would like to focus on to work towards making a submission for the awards.

We are also fortunate that there are two other Y7/8 classrooms where the students have individual blogs, that can be a source of inspiration and ideas for our students.   This weeks task is to highlight or feature a blog from Opunake Primary School Y7/8 and Matapu Primary School Y7/8.  Students from Auroa Primary School need to:

  • select one blog from each location take a screen shot of the blog and post it with hyperlink.
  • explain why you have selected that blog and what work you could highlight.
  • comment on at least one piece of work from the blog, following the expected guidelines.
  • as an extension those of you with blog lists on your own blog are to add the two blogs onto your own list.

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