Monday, 2 June 2014

3d Printer Classroom Project @ Auroa Primary School

On Friday we managed to successfully make a print run of the boys hinge for our three dimensional printer.   We were able to print off our first drafts of the composition.  It needs some refining at present from our students and they will be working on the project during a week that also features two days dedicated to our school robotics program, with the Wanganui Regionals for the Robocup fast approaching.  

This is the process at present:

The boys have been through the entire process by themselves. They have identified the problem, they've drawn plans up about what they want to create, this is Michaels original diagram. The next step for the students was to use Tinkercad to create prototypes
for the hinge.

You can see from the diagrams that there are three distinct versions, thats because Michael, James and Logan have all had differing ideas about whats going to work best. James has three entirely separate designs, so there are five in total. This week were going to 3D print all five and see which of the designs works best and which need to be refined. If none of the designs work, its back to the drawing board until we can get a solution. You can click on all of the links to the individual blogs of the students involved in the process.


  1. Zoe 8C Selwyn House,
    At our school we have a 3D printer too!
    We have also been on tinkercad to see what we can create with 3D printers.
    Have fun!

  2. Hi Room 1
    This is such an exciting project! We also have a new 3D Printer at our school and although I have been at orchestra when it happened, I hear that the other Year 8 students have been using Tinkercad. Isn't the 3D Printer so cool how it prints those tiny little layers of plastic.
    What are you planning on making next with the 3D Printer and Tinkercad?
    Sunshine & Rainbows
    Hana - 8C - Selwyn House School

  3. Hana
    Thank you for your wonderful comment. It is amazing to see it printing the different layers. We've been printing iphone stands and other items that are available on Tinkercad but we've talked with students about designing practical things that can help at home, school and work (on the farm).
    Mr Webb