Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Auroa Primary School Collaborate with Hawaii

Today there was huge excitement in our classroom as a very special package arrived for us.  Earlier this term we'd had the opportunity to collaborate with Ilima Intermediate School in Hawaii.  We Skyped the students in their school and spoke to them comparing New Zealand to Hawaii.   They're currently on their end of year break at the moment and due back in school in August when were intending to collaborate with them again.  The package in question was a selection of food and items from Hawaii.  We were extremely lucky to have this awesome opportunity and today in class we tried a couple of the items that our students have never heard of before, with mixed results, as we found the candy and coca beans something of an acquired taste.  Tomorrow we are looking at trying the remaining items and sharing them with the students from some of the other classrooms of Auroa Primary School.

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