Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Lake Rotokare - Mr Bloors Amazing Video

The students from Auroa Primary School (and the rest of New Zealand) are currently on a well deserved holiday break. Its the first week of the break between term two and three. Our students will be back in the classroom on Monday 24th July and we look forward to connecting with you then. This term our students had the opportunity to visit the Lake Rotokare Reserve. This is a significant conservation area in Taranaki. Mr Bloor created this amazing video of the Room 7 and Room 8 trip to this spectacular location!


  1. Hello, Mr Webb, the Room Three and the French Class of Auroa School !

    The Students of the Brindas Primary School CM2 wish you a very good break.
    Currently, in France, the school year is over and it's the long summer holidays. Just before going on holidays, they posted for you a video to say goodbye, because in September, they will have left Primary School for Intermediate School.
    In my class, there will be 28 new children eager to get to know you.
    I hope to have soon the pleasure to hear from you.
    Rest well until July 24th.

    Mr Galligani, the Teacher of the CM2 from Brindas, France

  2. This is so cool. There were really nice views and it looked like awesome country.