Wednesday, 5 July 2017

School Kit - Moostery Skype!

Today we took part in the School Kit Mystery Skype Competition - the game of Moostery! It paired our rural school in South Taranaki with a mystery city school from an urban location somewhere in New Zealand. We were defeated as our opponents, Milford Primary School were able to locate us a lot quicker than we could find them. They asked us an amazing question about State Highway One and if we were on the West Side of it! We spent the rest of the Skype Session talking about the differences between our school, they are able to walk to a local shopping centre in ten minutes and our nearest shopping centre is an hours drive away! They asked us lots of questions about farming and cows and how our life is different from them, it was an amazing experience. We shared our video from last years Lamb and Calf Day which is a huge even here each year at Auroa Primary School. Thank you Mrs Boyd and students from Milford Primary School we loved the connection and thank you #Schoolkit for setting it all up!

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