Sunday, 21 May 2017

R3 Caris Explains the Wax proces

As part of the process of having Jen from Rotokare Reserve we made Wax traps to record the teeth marks of some of the animals that are around our school.  As part of our writing Caris from Room Three wrote about the process.

The popsicle stick sunk into the wax. The wax set and cooked slowly. The sticks set into the yellow wax. The wax was lukewarm before Georgia stuck the wax in the ground. The wax should attract the pests and be able to identify the teeth marks.


  1. Cool Idea Sounds Fun do you know what animals?

  2. Hi my name is Ella and I am from Papakaio school.This sounds really fun and I like how you described the water being lukewarm. What pests did you find ?

  3. Hopefully you had fun doing this, What pests bit the wax?