Friday, 12 May 2017

R3 Nadiths Bike Saftety Explanation

Bike safety

People ride bikes everyday. Some people don’t ride them properly and don’t use it properly.

The parts of a bike are the frame, wheels, chain, seat, handlebar, tyres, brakes, light, pedals, reflector and spokes.

Helmets are the most important thing you need  when you are riding a bike. To fit a helmet you need two fingers under your chin and one your forehead.

There different fines for different things you do no your bikes. If you don’t wear a helmet when riding a bike it is a $55 fine, and if you ride your bike on the footpath it is also a $55 fine too.

If there is a bike or a car in front of you you need to be one bike length away.

Lots of different signs on the road, so you need to be careful. If there is a stop sign in front of you, you lift your right hand on a 90 degree angle. Then put your left or right hand straight. If you are at intersection and you are going straight, you don't need to do any hand you are going straight, you don't need to do any hand signal. Now you know how to ride a bike so get on your bike and ride it. Don't forget to wear your helmet.

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  1. Nice explanation on bike safety. Why are you doing bike safety?