Thursday, 18 May 2017

R3 Modelled in Minecraft!

We've started looking at Measurement and measuring to scale in class. As part of the activities associated with this we've had some of the students modelling our classroom in Minecraft - not as easy as some of the students thought that it might be. These screen shots were provided by Brock from Room Three who worked on the project in his own time...

Left: Room Three as seen from the outside area. Don't worry we have lots of classrooms and other parts of the school around us!

Left: Room Three from the inside - as modelled by Brock from Room Three.  Does this look like the inside of our classroom? What features can you see that are around the classroom? Where is your desk? What has Brock got right and what does he need to adjust?


  1. Hi I'm Jonty from Papakaio school
    My classroom room 6 did that last term but we did the whole school its not a easy as it appears is it.

  2. This is a way to make kids enjoy maths.How long have you been doing this for?