Friday, 24 April 2015

Auroa Vs. Matapu Rugby 23/4/2015

This video created by Rico from Room Three is highlights from the Crowley Cup warm up Rugby Game between Auroa Primary School and our neighbours Matapu School on Thursday 23/4/2015 at Auroa Primary School. This footage was filmed on the day and put together later that afternoon. After a close first half, Matapu were able to claim victory 42-39, a particularly proud moment for Mr Chittenden from Matapu School, with his first win against Mr Chittenden (Auroa). Matapu were also able to complete a double against Auroa Primary School, winning the Netball 11-9. The Crowley Cup competition, the local competition for Y5/6 starts this coming week with Auroa Primary School hosting Ngaere.

Matapu Rugby from Myles Webb on Vimeo.


  1. It is cool to see people like y'all play rugby. It's not common in America so it is cool for us to see.,

  2. Cool I love Rugby and so does my family I can't wait till I can play it some day!

  3. It is cool to see other schools playing different sports. We do football instead of rugby but we do tag rugby. :D