Sunday, 12 April 2015

Auroa Primary School: Best Senior Blog Post - Week 10.

This week is the start of the second week of the New Zealand School holidays.  The students of Auroa Primary School will be returning to school for our second term on Monday 20th April.  Thank you all for the comments that we've received during the holiday break, we really appreciate them and will be responding when we return to school.  A number of our students have continued to post in their own time during the school holidays about all manner of topic.  You can read about our local area by clicking on the link to Kyahs or Caro's Blogs here.   You can look at the recipes that Ebony has been creating.  If you want to see some of Rico's fantastic art click on the link here.  Bethany has been involved in the Pacific Rim Basketball Tournament in Tauranga, where she represented Taranaki.  You can see images of the tournament and read about it here.

During the final week of Term One we had our regular award for best Senior Blog Post for Week Ten.   This was awarded to Caleb from Room Two.  Caleb has posted regularly this year and just started using a GoPro to show off some of his adventures with his Motorbike.  You can click on the link to his student blog here.

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