Sunday, 26 February 2017

Americarna Recount - Georgia

"That car is sick!!!" I can't wait its the Americarna!

It was time to go on the bus.  It was soooo funny on the bus because everyone was singing, they were singing juja on that beat, abcds, wheels on the bus round and round.  It felt like we were singing for ages but we weren't.

Finally we are there! First we have to walk down there, and now were there.  As soon as I looked down the road there was a flash orange car, it was mean, it had big black wheels.  Next there was a pink car, yup - a pink car it was flash as well.   All of the cars were flash they were awesome but the one thing is that it was HOT!

It is soooooo hot it, it was sooo hot I felt like tipping frozen ice over me! Thats how hot it was, I also felt so tired.

The cars were colourful there were lots of orange, red and yellow cars.

It was so funny because there was a skeleton in a car.  It had a cigarette in its mouth and there was also a dog in there.   It was so awesome at the Americarna.

Recount Written by Georgia from Room Three, about the Auroa Primary School visit to Opunake Beach for the 2017 Americarna show.  

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