Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Can you help Room Three with our Procedural/Instructional Writing?

In Room Three so far this Term we've been looking at procedural writing/instructional writing.   Our students have been choosing topics that they're familiar with and writing about them.   We've also chosen topics and then Google Translated them into other languages so that we had to look for structural and visual clues to work out the instructions.  

What we'd be incredibly keen for now is for instructions for tasks to complete that are outside of our comfort zone to finish off our unit.  

Is there something that is unique to your ares? Do you know of something not completed in rural Taranaki, in New Zealand that we might be able to replicate? Would we be able to follow a recipe, make an object or carry out a task that is 'different'? Do you have a game that we don't? Do you students have an activity that is different?

If you could please leave us a message or comment to us with a link to the information, or even better a post about it and we'll get onto it.


  1. This is a tricky one - I think it would be amazing if you wrote instructions on travelling to Singapore and getting to our school (Avondale Grammar School). OR you could write instructions for making a bowl of Laksa in Singapore :)
    Let me know how you go!
    Mr Kemp (in Singapore)

  2. Mr Kemp
    Making a Bowl of Laksa would be a fantastic idea because our student knowledge wouldn't be high at the moment. That's something that we could certainly do and look to extend our students learning.
    Mr Webb

  3. Mr. Webb's Class,

    I thought about sharing one of two recipes for food that I thought was unique to the United States' Midwest. However, when viewing some menus for restaurants in New Zealand, I discovered that you may already know what Reubens and Runzas (meat pies) are. So, I decided to teach you how to make a transforming star. Please let me know how it goes and if you have any tips for me to make my procedures clearer!

    Mrs. Crain
    Iowa, USA

    1. Fabulous, we celebrate Matariki each year at my school so I will share the star idea with @npseileen @newmarketschool.

  4. Instruction on how to use a 3D printer. Instructions on making Chines Dumplings, I have the recipe. Both would be great because our chn could give you feedback on how you went.

  5. Hi Mr Webb and Room 3,
    We just made some Science/Maths games and posted a few pictures and not very clear captions of the process. We made them with the older children, but our younger children want to have a go. How about looking at the photos, working out what we did (it's not too difficult but I can tell you a little more about it if you need) and writing a set of instructions for our Y3/4 ( 7- 9 year olds) who want to have a go at doing it for themselves? I'd like them to have a go at making a French game, to test each other's vocabulary knowledge.
    Let me know if you take up the challenge!
    Mrs Monaghan
    PS The post is at