Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tiger Slug

Tiger Slug on PhotoPeach

This slideshow was created when we had a special guest in the classroom. It was a Tiger Slug that had been brought in by one of our students. It was found on their farm in the Sliverbeet. Its known as the Grey Slug, Tiger Slug and Leopard Slug. It grows to 20cm in length. This was the biggest Tiger Slug that Ashtons Mum has ever seen. Its Latin name was Limax Maximus. It one of the biggest slugs in New Zealand. It eats other slugs and plants. It was introduced into New Zealand from Europe.


  1. Wow! That slug is massive! I was one of the girls that did the mystery skype from Selwyn House! Talk Later,
    Aria Carroll,
    8CF, Selwyn House

  2. Hi I am Zelle from 8CF,
    That Tiger slug looks so cool!
    I used to have a snail collection with my brother.

  3. Wow!That slug is very cool,what is it's name. My favorite animal is a goat because they like to screams.Im from USA Califorina and in 5th grade.Check out my blog.

    Sincerly,Ian from California.