Friday, 3 October 2014

Thomas Report about NZAIMS Golf

During term three we had students from Auroa Primary School competing in several national and international events. We had our Girls Basketball team competing against 23 schools from all over New Zealand. We had our Robotics team claiming regional, national and international honours. We also had our Golf Team competing in the NZAIMS Games in Tauranga. The team put on amazing performance making sure that Auroa were well represented. Brylee claimed individual third, and the team came third in the competition. 

Thomas, who was part of that team wrote an amazing recount about the event: 

NZAIMS Games 2014 
Day1 Omokoroa golf course. The day started off chilly we had to be at the course at 7.15 am for the managers meeting and collect our cards and get the run down on how the day was going to run. This course was a lot like our home course Manaia. We tee off at different times and we weren't in the same groups as our friends. Fletcher and Brylee tee off first at 8 am on different tees then Riley and Thomas went of at 8.28 also off different tees. The day warmed up and so did we. Thomas shot 114 Fletcher shot 106 Riley shot 107 and Brylee shot 106.

Day 2 Omanu golf course. The day was hot as we didn't tee off till 12 pm. The course was a mess as the whole course had been cored and that made it really tricky cause the ball didn't roll it just stopped dead. We all played in the same 3s or 4s as we had played in the day before. Thomas shot 112 Fletcher shot 102 Riley shot 113 Brylee shot 99.

Day 3 Tauranga golf course. We tee off 12.30 pm as we could have ago against a pro on a 120 meter hole getting closest to the pin and I bet him and won a pitch marker. I was super pleased with myself. This was my favorite course had some very big steep hills on the front nine and flat tricky fairways on the back nine. We only had a couple of rain showers all afternoon mum was pleased. Today I got to go round with Fletcher and Riley was in the group behind us and Brylee was in the group in front. Thomas shot 100 Fletcher shot 102 Riley shot 105 Brylee shot 97.

Day 4 final day Mt Maunganui golf course. We tee off at 8am another early morning for us and today it was raining. This course was also amazing and lots of bunkers on the fairways and by the greens. We were all feeling the strain on our body's our legs, backs and feet were getting so sore but we had to soldier on. Today I got to go round with Riley. Thomas shot 106 Fletcher shot 107 Riley shot 112 Brylee shot 105. We had prize giving once everyone's cards were handed in. Brylee got 3rd overall for stable ford points for the girls over 3 days and as a team over 4 days we got 3rd. We all got medals we were stoked with all our effort. These were mine and mums thoughts about NZAIMS Games 2014.Bronwyn " was awesome experience, the golf courses were great, the children were really lucky to be able to go and meet other children that also have the same sporting interest" Thomas " felt very lucky that I was able to go and play on these golf course. I really enjoyed it"

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  1. Well done Thomas, I really enjoyed reading this report. You are clearly a very good golfer. I used to play golf but never to the standard you have reached already. Excellent, you should feel very proud.