Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lamb and Calf Day 2014

Thanks so much for your visit to our class blog.  We've just finished the term three holidays for 2014 and students of Auroa Primary School will be returning to school on Monday 13th October 2014.   We've got some massive school events occurring this term as we move towards the end of the year. This coming week we have our 2014 Lamb and Calf Day on Thursday 16th October.  You can follow the link to this amazing event on our school website.  We've also used the fantastic work of Mr Bloor, who produced this brilliant highlights video from the 2013 event.

We will be recording this event when it occurs and will be posting media once the event has occurred.  Stay tuned.

Those of you who are looking to collaborate or communicate with the class we look forward to getting in touch with you this coming week.


  1. Hey!!! :) I'm Natasha. I'm from Austin Texas. That looks so fun!!!!!!!! I wish we had something like that!!!!! :)

  2. I wish we had a lamb and calf day at school it looks very and cool the lambs are very cute.

  3. my friend absolutely love lambs she was whining all day. I think you are so lucky you get to holed a lamb. I have one quashten how meny time did you get to holed a lamb