French Collaboration

This year students of Auroa Primary School have been learning languages, and one of those has been French.  We've been fortunate to collaborate with Brindas School from France.   We've been learning French and having them check and evaluate our lessons - and they're using English.  You can click on the link to their fantastic blog here.

These are the videos from our French Class.  They are the students assessments from our students.   They had to ask questions for Brindas School in France.   Year 3-4 students had to ask one question, Year 5-6 students had to ask two questions and Year 7-8 students had to ask three questions.  The students created these videos in French Class.

Joe & Calebs French from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

My French Video by Renee from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

My Movie 7 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Kaiah,Caitlin&Jessica French from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Connor's french from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

French from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

declans french from Myles Webb on Vimeo.


  1. Bienvenue sur notre blog de classe !
    Welcome in our classroom !

    Les élèves du CM2 de Brindas, France

  2. Hello everybody!
    Soon, we'll publish on our blog the answers to the questions of the students in French of your school.
    But today, we wish to all the pupils of the room 3 and those of the Auroa School, a good term 4 !

    Les élèves du CM2 de Brindas, France

  3. Bonjour à tous et à toutes.
    We got your message on our blog.
    We are going to listen to your questions in French. Then, we are going to write what we understand and you will be able to compare with what you wanted to say.

    Les élèves du CM2 de Brindas, France

    On Sunday, France was beaten by Ireland. It's an honor to be overcome by this so loyal and nice Irish team, probably the best of all the rugby teams in the northern hemisphere.
    The next weekend, there will be an important sporting event for our two classes : New Zealand vs France ! I hope that this match will be a great moment of friendship between our two countries. All the pupils of the CM2 of Brindas are already impatient to share with those of the room 3 of Auroa School this exceptional event.
    May the best team win !

  4. Bonjour.
    I’ve just put on line, on the page « Auroa » of our blog, the answers to the written questions which you have submit us just before your holidays.
    My students are preparing a video in which they ask you a serial of questions about New Zealand and Auroa school. You'll be able to see it in a few days. The students in French and all the pupils of the Room Three are invited to answer ; thank you very much for your future replies.
    Très bonne journée.

    Serge Galligani from the CM2 of Brindas, France

  5. Message pour Mr. Miles Webb :
    Bon match et allez la Nouvelle-Zélande !

    William du CM2 de Brindas, France

  6. Dear students who learn French at Auroa school
    We are still very happy to listen to you, speaking french. On the « Auroa » page of our blog, we have put on line, a little movie (« Questions-réponses ») in order to answer to the questions that you are asking us in your videotapes. We have used as much as we can, French language, in order for you to train yourself, by using different sentences by speaking and writing, by bringing you some little advises to help you to progress. But we want to congratulate you for your fervor and the very good quality of your job ! We hope that you’ll keep on learning French as long as you can. Special congratulations to Declan for his good pronunciation.

    Dear students of the Room 3
    We send you a serial of questions about your school (« Questions about Auroa School »). We’re asking in English. It’s quite difficult for us to pronounce the words correctly. Thank you for your kind understanding. We are feeling an urge to having your answers. We’ll send you later a serial of questions about New Zealand.

    We wish the All Blacks good luck for their last match : we are all supporting you !
    And good luck too, to the Whero and the Kikorangi (do these names mean something ?) !

    Very friendly !
    Serge Galligani et les élèves du CM2 de Brindas, France

  7. Je trouve que c’est une très bonne experience de travail entre nos deux classes.
    (I think that it is a very good working experience between our two classes.)

    William V.H. du CM2 de Brindas, France

  8. Joyeux Noël aux élèves de l’école d’Auroa !
    (Merry christmas to the students of the Auroa School !)

    Bastien H. du CM2 de Brindas, France

  9. Happy new year et une bonne année 2016 !

    Cristiano E. du CM2 de Brindas, France

  10. Hello, we hope that you have a good holiday !!!
    We look forward to see you again in February.
    (Bonjour, nous espérons que vous passez de bonnes vacances !!!
    Nous sommes impatients de vous revoir en février.)

    Lucie et Cassie du CM2 de Brindas, France

  11. Nous vous souhaitons de bonnes vacances, une bonne
    rentrée et une bonne année 2016.
    We wish you good holidays, a good comeback to school in February and a good school year 2016.

    Eloïse et Kloé du CM2 de Brindas, France

  12. Hello our New Zealander Friends !

    Nous pensons beaucoup à vous maintenant pour votre premier cours de Français de 2016, car quand vous travaillerez vendredi matin, ce sera la nuit chez nous et nous dormirons. Nous sommes prêts à vous aider ; demandez-nous tout ce dont vous aurez besoin.
    For example, we could teach you how to pronounce correctly the words. Send us your dialogues and texts, and we’ll say them for you by video ; so, you’ll can repeat and we’ll be pleased to listen you. If you have other ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll try to help you as best we could.
    We wish you much fun and success learning our language.
    Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de bonheur en apprenant le Français. À très bientôt le plaisir de vous entendre.
    Très amicalement !

    Les élèves du CM2 de Brindas, France

  13. Hi Aroha, Caleb, Jordan, Finn, John and Durann !

    Thank you for the messages which we received today on our classblog.
    To help you to progress, I wrote under your sentences the correct way of saying them in French.
    My Students will certainly answer your questions in a few days. But the next Thursday, they will be on automn-holidays for two weeks.
    I want to congratulate you on your work.
    Well done !!!

    Serge Galligani, the Teacher of the CM2 from Brindas School, France

  14. Coucou les amis de Nouvelle Zélande !

    En ce moment, nous sommes en week-end et je suis chez moi. J’espère que vous nous enverrez de nouvelles vidéos de vous et j’espère que nous ferons de même très bientôt.
    Hi friends from New-Zealand !
    Currently, it’s the Weekend and I’m at home. I hope you’ll send us new videos of you and I hope we’ll do the same very soon.

    Maxime du CM2 de Brindas, France

  15. hi i am danella Murray from papakaio school your french is awesome wish i could do it!!!

  16. Hello Danella.
    You just need to learn French... and after, Welcome in France !
    Good luck.
    The Teacher of the CM2 from Brindas, France