Thursday, 10 May 2018

MOA Awards 2018

Its MOA Awards time for 2018.  Every second year our cluster of four local schools the MOA Kluster (Matapu, Opunake, Auroa and Kaponga Primary Schools) hold a digital awards evening- this year taking place in Term Four.

Auroa School students have a huge number of projects that they are working on and contributing towards as we head towards these awards.   The photograph shown above is Zoes entrry into the photographic competition, she is wanting some input into a title for this picture - what could it be called? Is there anything she could do to the image?

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  1. Hello Zoe and the Room Three !

    Congratulations dear Zoe for your beautiful photography. We hope you will win the prize you deserve. This afternoon, we all thought about a name you could give to this picture. We offer them in French and in English (we are not very sure about translations, sorry) :

    "Feuillage en demi-teinte" - "Half-tone foliage" or "Foliage halftone"
    "Clair-obscur végétal" - "Vegetable chiaroscuro" or "Chiaroscuro plant" or "Green chiaroscuro"
    "De la terre à la lumière" - "From earth to light"
    "Vision d’un ver de terre" - "Vision of an earthworm" or "Earthworm vision"

    Why not choose a French language title , that would be surprising, wouldn’t it ?
    Bonne chance à Zoe et à tous les autres candidats de votre classe et de votre école.
    We are sure that Auroa School will have a lot of success at the MOA Awards 2018.

    Très amicalement.
    Les élèves du CM2 de l’école primaire de Brindas, France