Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Laser Cutter - Auroa Primary School Promo


  1. I love your design process and incredible creations Room 3! It is great to see video of your laser cutter in action. I've skyped Mr Webb and talked to him about how our Makerspace students could use a laser cutter at Pt England School.
    We are inspired!

  2. Hi, my name is Jude, and I am from Austin, Texas. I go the school at the wonderful West Ridge Middle School. The Goat and Lamb day sounded like a lot of fun!

  3. Hello, this is Benjamin from Mrs. Kriese's class in Texas. I think that your laser cutter is amazing. What temperature does it go to? How often do you have to use this? How long does it take to cut through metal, if it can? What projects have been able to complete with this? Please get back to me. If you want to see my blog, I am at http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/benjamin4353/.

  4. Wow! I loved your video on the laser cutter. That looks like such an amazing piece of equipment to have at your school. The students’ projects turned out so cool! Your students got to use so many different skills to make their speakers and I am sure that they will really enjoy listening to music on their own creation. I wish we had a class like that here at my school. I am in Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. If you want to check out my blog, I write about baseball mostly — http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/luke4282/

  5. Hello Mr. Webb,

    My name is Weiyi and I’m from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. I was looking through this blog and this post caught my eye. Technology is better than ever before (and still advancing) with 3D printers, smart watches, and computers. I have heard about laser cutting before (and seen it a few times), but I have never heard about anyone getting to experience laser cutting. It must have been somewhat challenging for the kids to design their own designs. The best part is probably letting them make the speaker and letting them watch it come to life.

    I did notice some things when I was “watching” your blog post. I like how the information is implemented into a video. In the video, I like the clips that the school had included which showed the students working on their project. I also like the adults that explained things as the video went on. It allowed us to learn information while having fun in it.

    If you want to contact me, please visit my blog at: http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/weiyi4363/

    May the lightning lasers and the velocity videoes rule!

    Best Regards,

  6. Hello Room Three,

    My name is Jack and I'm from Ms.Smiths class in the Comox Valley. I had a great time watching your video about the laser cutter. I wish are school had one of those, it would make are projects way easier. You put a lot of effort into this video and giving lots of information about it.I think the laser cutter is one of the most helpful tools when working onn projects.

    Have a wonderful day!!


    Here is my blog URL!! http://jackzz6.edublogs.org/

  7. Hello my name is Amy and I am from Mrs. Kriese's blog in Austin. I find it really cool that you made a Lazer cutter as I have been meaning to for several years (4 at least) but my dad is never free to help and supervise. We have made a 3D printer before though so that was fun, but my sister did that mostly. Anyways if you want to come visit my blog visit http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/amy4277/