Thursday, 8 September 2016

MOA Photos's from Jonte - What do you like?

Next term we have our digital awards for our cluster the MOA Awards. One of our students Jonte has been taking a series of photos and thinking about angles and perspective. These are four photos that he is particularly proud of, but there's a challenge, he's only able to put one forward as a finalist. Jonte is looking for some feedback and interested in hearing what you would suggest and why.


  1. Hello! Wow - great photographs! I love all of them. I finally got down to the two on the road. The photo with the flower has stunning contrasting textures, but my vote for the best is the one with the shadow at the front that also shows the road winding away in the distance. That's the one that made me think. Amazing. Thanks for posting a challenge.

    1. Mrs Grosfield
      Thank you for your feedback we loved receiving it, as always. I will pass this onto Jonty he will be thrilled to receive it and interesting to see that you choose that photograph.
      Mr Webb

  2. Hello my name is Stacie and these pictures are all AMAZING but personally I think the one with the flower is perfect and hey good luck and if you want to go check out my blog

  3. hi I'm Emma from Rakaia school all of these photos are beautiful but the one that I find truly stunning is the one with the flower but the use of shadowing in the one of the road is unique my vote is for for the third one of the flower please come visit me at

  4. Hi Mr Webb and Room 3,
    Jonty, these photos are all awesome! It's great to see you thinking carefully about using different angles and perspectives in these photos. I like them all but if I had to choose, I'd choose two, the very top photo because I can't figure out where or how you took that one. I also like the third photo from the top because it made me think about what could be to the right and left of the shot. Wishing you all the best for your finals.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 8@ Pt England School

  5. Wow Jonte. Those are some very cool photos. I found it really hard choosing between your first and third photo. I like the third one the most. I like how it is very clear, there are darker shades (rocks) and pops of brigther colours. I also like how the focus of your photo is the left hand corner and not the standard middle focus. Well done! Miss Davidson

  6. I think the story is good, but I also think you should add a little more detail. It sounds very fun and amazing. I liked the story very much. What was the name of the person who won the award? Kenton