Friday, 5 August 2016

R3 Guest Post - Georgia from Awahono School

This link is to Georgia from Awahono School, she has produced an excellent post about Letter Writing, which we've been working on in our class this week. If you click on this link here then you can see her amazing summary about a letter and its format.

Click on the link here to see her amazing work.


  1. Hi Mr Webb

    Thank you for your amazing comment. I really appreciate it. I think it is amazing that you are using my work as an example on your blog.

    Once your class has learnt how to write letters you might be able to send a list of names through to my teacher, Mrs Ealam. Then we will be able to each have a pen pal and write letters to each other.

    -Georgia, Room 6, Awahono School, Ahaura

  2. Georgia
    That would be a great idea and I haven't really thought about it but it would be interesting to see the similarities and differences for students who are in New Zealand in two different and distinct places. We will be in contact.
    Mr Webb