Friday, 1 July 2016

Rugby Vs. St Josephs Part Two

This is the second half and sudden death highlights from Auroa Primary Schools Crowley Cup Semi-Final against St Josephs Opunake on Wednesday 29th June 2016.  St Josephs are in the Green and White, Auroa in the Blue and Orange.   This game was tied 5-5 at half time, full time and then went to sudden death golden point.   The first half of extra time saw no extra score and the deadlock was broken in the seventh minute of the second half of extra time by Jordan from Room Three.  Epic.


  1. Wow! Picking that this has been a bit of a stressful week for Auroa School with this cracker rugby game! What a tense ending, especially when Bernie couldn't get it going any further - and then the runaway! Wahoo! So congratulations on the win - how fantastic! I bet everyone was just knackered at the end of that.
    Aaaaaand, I have to say, you guys are tough as! Down here in North Canterbury, all the rugby players no matter what age seem to reckon that they need flash-as boots!
    I am Ms Meehan from Ashley School in North Canterbury and I am really enjoying reading what you have been up to at Auroa. Come along and see us - you already did once!

  2. Miss Meehan
    Thank you for your comments - we really appreciate the feedback and will visit your site again soon. We're are finishing up soon for the term but we will be in touch next week.
    Mr Webb

    What an exciting and thrilling rugby match !

    The Students of the CM2 from Brindas, France