Friday, 19 February 2016

BBC Mind Reading Gopher!

Can this really read your mind? In Mathematics today we had a look at this 'game' and looked at the problem solving behind it, how it worked and the equation that are part of the process.   This requires flash player to work.  You can click on the link here.


  1. Hi Mr Webb and everyone in Room 3,
    Welcome to a new year of Learning. Thank you for posting a comment about the discussions you are having in your country about changing your national flag.
    We are wondering if we can connect with you sometime over the year and maybe do some learning together. This year 3/4J have 26 enthusiastic students who are very keen to go global and learn with other classrooms.
    I love your maths lesson above and I am going to try it with the class in our Maths lesson tomorrow. It tricked Mrs Joyce at first try but after practice and thinking mathematically I was able to use my problem solving skills.
    Looking forward to maybe doing some work with you and your class Mr Webb.
    Kind regards
    Mrs Joyce and 3/4J Australia

  2. Mrs Joyce and 3/4J Australia
    Thank you for your comment - we really appreciate the time that you have taken to write such a detailed comment and we really enjoyed seeing it. For a lot of our class it is the first time that we've had feedback from another class overseas so we really appreciate it and glad that you enjoyed the 'game'. It gave us a lot of fun seeing it on the screen and it took a while for some of us to work it out!
    We would love to do some collaboration with your class and students! We are looking at ANZAC day shortly and how we celebrate it and thought that it would be something that we could compare.
    Mr Webb