Sunday, 13 December 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Week

It all ends this week - the greatest internet competition of all time!

When episode 18 closed there was no elimination due to a double idol play, leaving four compeditors battling it out to make it through to the grand final jury vote. This week the fate of Zariah, Mackenna and the two players who have survived 18 consecutive episodes, Harry and Caro will be decided.

Three episodes - two consecutive eliminations leaving two competitors vying for 18 jury votes.... 

Monday and Tuesday the first two part final is going to be broadcast then the final two competitors will be revealed - Wednesday will be the huge vote - all 18 competitors who were eliminated one by one by one will have their say in who the grand final winner will be...

Online voting has consistently predicted a Caro and Harry final? Will this be the case? Can Caro, whose had more votes than anyone in the competition survive another two rounds? Can Harry whose been the last boy left in the game for some time make it through? Can Zariah or Mackenna cause a huge upset? How much does the game play of the contestants come into the final decisions?  

All these questions will be answered in the Grand Final this week! This competition is never to be repeated! Part One of the Grand Final has an episode finish that has to be seen to be believed as nothing separates the competitors! Be sure to stay tuned to this blog Monday - Tuesday and Wednesday for the Grand Final! 

All 18 episodes can be accessed from the Taranaki: Survivor Tab on the top of this blog.


  1. Hi Myles! My name is Cameron and I found it very interesting that you guys are making your own show. I'm assuming that it's based off "Survivor" which I love. I think Harry will win personally.

    Feel free to visit my blog at

  2. Thanks for your comment Cameron. Harry was indeed crowned the winner of the competition because he defeated Caro 11-6 in the final jury vote. It is very much based on the TV Show which is one of Mr Webb's favourites - and he's seen every episode of every series.
    Mr Webb.