Monday, 7 December 2015

Answers about NZ for Jazi

We've had a connection with Jazi from 3/4J Liddiard Primary School in Traralgon in Victoria, Australia.  She is researching New Zealand and had a series of questions about New Zealand.  The original post was this (on Twitter).

Room Three at Auroa Primary School decided that we would answer Jazi's questions and provide that information for her.  The first stage of this was to answer her questions and look at supplying the answers in written form.  This slideshow shows some of work from the Room Three students in their scrapbooks as they answer Jazi's questions.

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  1. Hello Students and Mr Webb,
    Thank you so much for answering Jazi's questions about New Zealand. I really like the new and innovative way you have prepared your presentation. The students of 3/4J are so thankful to be connecting with you as we research countries around the world.
    I have a few questions for you all. How close is your school to Mt Taranaki?
    My sister lives in New Plymouth and I was lucky enough to travel with my family to NZ to visit nearly 2 years ago. The mountain is so beautiful and such feature of New Plymouth. As my class are also studying about the changing earth we would love to know more about Mt Taranaki. Is it an active or dormant volcano? Can you travel to the top of the mountain and if so could you see inside the volcano?
    Lastly I know there is a special running race where people run around the mountain, have any of you participated?
    Thank you again for collaborating with us and I look forward to working with you Mr Webb in the future as I can see real plus for our students to work together on future projects.
    Kind regards
    Mrs Joyce and 3/4J Liddiard Rd Primary School, Traralgon Australia

    PS If you are ever bored we have lots of fun look to learn tasks on our blog to test your thinking. Just go to the look to learn category and leave us a comment.