Thursday, 17 December 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Jury Vote

And the winner is... well you'll find out if you watch this post after 9am this morning.

After twenty weeks of competitions, after two terms of action it all comes down to this.  Two players survived an incredible twenty episodes to make it through to the grand final against one another.  One player each from the original Whero and Kikorangi tribes... each of the eliminated players, seventeen in all cast one final vote - not for the person to be eliminated but for the competition winner.

Caro has had more votes against her than any other player in the game and three times came within a single vote of leaving.  She's also won more immunity challenges than any other player and located more immunity idols.  Caro's been involved in some of the biggest blind sides in the game - will that count against her? Will she be able to pull off the ultimate victory?

Grand Final Jury Vote Taranaki Survivor 2015 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Harry on the other hand has had only two votes the entire competition, both from the same player.  He's won the second highest amount of challenges, behind only Caro.   He's tried to eliminate Caro on three occasions and each time she's escaped by a combination of good fortune and skill.  Is this the moment when he finally defeats her? Being the only boy left from episode sixteen onwards seemed to seal his fate - is Harry about to pull off the ultimate victory?


  1. BRAVO HARRY !!!
    BRAVO aussi à CARO !!!
    And thank you very much to all the Students of the Room Three for every these exciting episodes !

    We hope that you had a good school concert.
    Very merry Christmas, happy new year... and have a good and restful summer holiday !

    Vos amis de France.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and thoughts. We have loved the collaboration and the connection. Harry and Caro were very nervous before the finals and happy to know that people we watching from all around the world.

  2. Félicitations Harry et Caro pour votre duel et bravo Harry pour ta victoire.
    (Congratulations Harry and Caro for your duel and hooray Harry for your win.)

    William V.H. du CM2 de Brindas, France

    1. William
      Thanks for your comment - I am sure that Harry will see it and I am sure that he is very happy to have won. Have a great Christmas.

    2. Merci beaucoup Monsieur Webb et joyeux Noël aussi pour vous. J’espère que vous passerez de bonnes vacances avec votre famille… et peut-être à l’année prochaine.
      (Thank you very much Mr Webb and I wish you a merry Christmas too. I hope that you will have a very good holiday with your family… and maybe see you the next year.)

      William V.H. du CM2 de Brindas, France

      PS : We made a little video for your class on our blog.

    3. Thank you William. We looked at your video in our class before we finished for the end of the year and enjoyed seeing it very much. The collaboration between our classrooms was one of the highlights of our year.

  3. Love these videos. They're are so amusing and make me laugh a lot. But, I don't get why they wore masks when voting someone off.

  4. Nathan
    The reason they wore masks is that some of the students wanted to protect their identity and who they were voting for the winner - because unlike the TV show all of us were members of the same class. It made us smile a bit because when we watched the final you could tell who some of the 'disguised' classmates were because of details like earings or the way that someone wore their hair.
    Mr Webb