Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Part 3

All season every online poll for this competition has featured two names at first and second - Caro and Harry, and as it turned out heading into the final part of the final immunity challenge for 2015 these were the two competitors who would decide who would win final immunity.

One of these players would win immunity for the final time and guarantee themselves a spot in the final two.  The other would be at the mercy of the last two votes - the first to eliminate the players to three and the second a single vote to decide who contests the 2015 Grand Final.  No-one had found more hidden immunity idols or won more challenges that Caro, but no-one had more votes against her in the entire game.  Harry had only ever received two votes in an incredible run last nineteen episodes: was this about to come to an end? Would he fall at the final hurdle? One thing was for sure when they went head to head there could only be one winner.

It couldn't be more dramatic than what happened in the twentieth and final episode of Taranaki: Survivor! Who will make it through? Who gets to cast the deciding votes who makes it as far as possible without going all the way? This is the second to last episode of Taranaki: Survivor ever... the end is nigh!

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Part 3 from myles webb on Vimeo.

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