Friday, 4 December 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 17!

Want to play the same challenge the contestants did? Locate the NZWaikato Kahoot
There's just two episodes remaining of the greatest classroom internet blog competition series of all time! There was yet another twist - there was a Kahoot Classroom competition in class. Not one, but two - in the first the players who'd been eliminated or the players who missed the competition and were presented with an amazing chance to get back into the game; win the Kahoot Challenge and you would be back in.

There was a huge field of competitors for this challenge - it came to the last two questions when Zariah managed to pull out possibly the biggest win of the competition. Following that the players knew Zariah would have immunity for the next challenge - however the challenge followed on straight away. Four players were extremely nervous, the final was no more than two episodes away and everyone was desperate to continue. So much so that after the challenge two idols were played... desperate times and desperate players. Everyone knows that the greatest prize of all time  
Taranaki Survivor: Episode 17 from myles webb on Vimeo.

awaits the winner of the competition but who could that be? After seventeen episodes there are three remaining players who've never been defeated.  Who would fall? Who would fail at the final hurdle? Whose competition would end in ultimate despair ALL these questions are answered in one location - Episode 17 of Taranaki:Survivor!

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