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Auroa School is located in the North Island in South Taranaki, New Zealand. Mount Taranaki is directly north of Auroa. We also have the Pacific Ocean directly South of us.

Mount Taranaki is 2518m high. It is an active stratovolcano, which means it is shaped like a cone because of the eruptions in the past. It is one of the most symmetrical volcanoes in the world.

A long time ago a man called Auroa came to the Whanganui River area and met a girl called  Hinengakau. They had twins called Hgati Haua Piko and Ngati Haua Roa. Ngati Haua Piko was given land from the mountain to the sea, and was named Auroa in remembrance of the ancestors Auroa. When the school opened in 1891 many decendants of Auroa from the hapu of Ngati Haua Piko attended this school.

The Auroa community is mostly made up of dairy farmers and their families. Auroa is a country school and has 186 students. We have students from Year 1 through to Year 8. Most children go on the bus to school. I come to school in a taxi because I have a disability. We are lucky to have a huge school. We have a senior and junior playground and a new swing area. Our field has a cricket pitch and plenty of room for rugby and soccer. We have a tennis court area where we play basketball, netball and tennis. We have a community swimming pool and hall that we use for concerts. We also have a dell area which we can play in. It is a nice place where we can talk to our friends. There is also a stage where we can perform plays. We have lots of fun days - like athletic sports, swimming sports, trolley derby, triathlon, sausage sizzle, dress up days and many more. We have an amazing library where we can hang out to read books! - Alyssa McCarty, Room One (2014).

This above report was written by Alyssa McCarty (student) in 2014.  The 2015 School Year saw a class of Y5/6 students in Room Three, although we changed classes we kept the same blog address so this blog is a mixture of Y7/8 (2014) and Y5/6 (2015).  If you would like to email the teacher of the classroom responsible for this page you can do so by emailing: mwebb@auroa.school.nz


  1. Hello Room One!
    We are Mrs. Kriese's class, in Mrs. Crain's blogging challenge with you. I think we are the only other 7th grade group in the challenge.

    We are from Austin, Texas, in the USA. Howdy, y'all! We are very excited to be able to visit your blog and learn more about you and the area you live in. It looks like a very beautiful place.

    We're curious about the games you play. We know about soccer (many of us are fans) but we aren't sure what a cricket pitch is or what a trolley derby is.

    We read your post about the 3D printer and wow, we're envious!

    You can visit us at http://wrmstkriese.edublogs.org. We'll be posting more about ourselves with this week's challenge very soon!

  2. Mr. Webb and Class,

    We are so happy that you are joining us for our challenge. We are from Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA. Our communities are very similar, but we don't have a volcano.

    Council Bluffs has bigger buildings and is a bigger town. There are lots of trees. We are considered a suburb, but just outside of our town you will find many crops filled with corn and beans.

    Our school is Rue Elementary. We have grades Pre-K to 5th with about 370 students. Our mascot is the a yellow-jacket.

    We look forward to learning more about you!

    Mrs. Crain's Class

  3. Mr Webb and Room One

    Thank you very much for your comment about Harley's writing. I know he will be delighted and I am looking forward to talking to him about it on Monday.

    I shall definitely tell him and the rest of Year 4 about your blog and I'll be encouraging them to send comments all the way to New Zealand!

    Mrs Leach and Year 4

  4. Hi there Room 1, Mr Chittenden told us all about how you are experts in Robotics! We are really keen to have a little dabble to but would love to know how to get started. Did you buy starter kits? Thanks for your help.

    Mrs W and Room 2 Stratford Primary

  5. Hi Room One,

    Thank you for writing on our blog! Our school is in the middle of a housing estate, we also have two playgrounds and a big field with a beautiful nature area. It is interesting that you are going into winter as we are going into summer. Our flowers are starting to grow as it is spring and now it is going warmer we are starting to play out more. Could you please send us a picture of the plants around your school? We have beautiful flowers such as roses what sort of flowers do you have? We would love to see the farms around your school. What is your topic at the moment?

    Thank you

    Willow Class Garforth Leeds

  6. good blog I like it very much

  7. Hi Room One , Well um your homeland sounds very interesting , and peaceful . Great way of describing your homeland . Very creative and i,m looking forward to read more of your blogs .

    From ,

  8. Hi Room 1 , My name is Adriana . I recently just saw your blogs , and it's fantastic the way you described where your living or your homeland aha either way . Anyways i'll be checking out what you guys have posted (; good job .


  9. Kia ora Room 1 and Mr Webb,

    Thank you very much for commenting on a student's piece of writing in our classroom. I will be showing your classroom blog to my classroom tomorrow as we are just starting our journey into e-learning.

    Your blog is very interesting and exciting and we will be learning from the posts that you have put up as they are very helpful and I think that students will find them inspiring. Keep up the great work Room 1. Thanks a lot Mr Webb.

    Kia kite ano.

    Naku noa
    Mr Mita

  10. Hello Ms McCarty,
    I came across your blog by searching the new list of sample class blogs on Edublogger. I'm specifically looking at different features of different blogging platforms that I will be sharing with teachers next week at a presentation. How do you track the changes in your student blogs? Are they set up through your account or separately and then just individually linked? I would really appreciate your feedback. I have used Edublogs extensively but want to expand into Blogger since my board is now a Google Apps for Education board.

  11. Marie
    Thanks very much. I shared your comment with Alyssa, the student who wrote the post, she was very amused by being addressed as a teacher. The best way would be to contact me directly, we don't have Google+ going at school so I would suggest that you email myself directly at school (mwebb@auroa.school.nz) and we can assist you.
    Mr Webb, Classroom Teacher.

  12. Hi Mr Webb and your students in Room 1. Ms T. here from 'theone5' Tamatea Intermediate in the Hawkes Bay.

    We are part of your quadblogging group so I thought I would introduce ourselves to you. I actually thought I had already done it but the comment does not seem to be here!

    We look forward to connecting with you all in the Taranaki and reflecting / commenting on each other's work and happenings!

    Ka kite
    Ms T and the onefivers

  13. Hello Mr. Webb and students. This is a very nice thing to see when you first open the website. I wish I lived over there with you guys and learned more about the history of that school and area. I was wondering if you are a little nervous about the volcano cause its active? Is it to far away from you to reach you? In my opinion I don't think it can reach you cause of the kind of shape ,as you said above. Very nice blog and keep blogging and have fun- A student from Hey Kids Blog.

  14. Hey Mr.Webb and Room one

    This is Milan from Mrs.Kriese's class in Texas and I was just reading your blog until I came to this picture of a volcano and I was wondering where it was so I read your post about it to and started to wonder if it has erupted lately and if you are close enough to it for you to be in danger. In our school we have just finished a chapter on volcanoes in science class. What are you guys studying in your science class.

  15. Hello Room One,

    I will let a teacher in Iowa know as well as a few others about this blog and encourage them to have their classes connect with you.

    I live in Connecticut, and teach teachers. The project I did with the Iowa students was based on a prior project I did with them Fall 2013. I had about 40 teachers in my courses reading the blogs of the 7th and 8th graders in Iowa. In the spring of 2014, I was not teaching sections of those courses, but I kept reading the students' blogs, and then set up one for them to reply to me. I called that one Blogging with Iowa students. If you want to find the teacher's students' blogs this year, here are the links:


    The teacher, Mr. Boylen, is very interested in making global connections.

  16. Hello Mr Webb and Room One

    I'm finally settled into my new position in the library.
    Added you to my new blog's blog roll.
    Happy St Patrick's Day for Tuesday!

    Claire Tyler-Smith

  17. Mr Webb,
    Do you have an email address I could contact you on?
    Best regards,
    Mr Curtis

  18. Hi Mr Webb,
    Thanks very much for your kind comments. I am new to this and its all very exciting to see what we might be able to do with our class blog! Our class would definitely be interested in connecting . Thanks again for your kind words
    Katia Cureton

  19. Hi everybody, my name is Doris and I am not very good in using internet and all that stuff. But I am looking for old friends of mine, Shirley and Arnie Muggeridge. Shirley was my penfriend for many, many years and I visited her in 1983.They used to live in 2553 Skeet Road, Auroa, Manaia. I am from Switzerland but now living in Germany. Please, if anyone could help find my friends again or, at least get me to know, what happened to them I would be very grateful. I wrote letters severel times but got never answers since two years.
    I hope you enjoy your life in new zealand. I remeber it as one of the most beautiful countrys I have travelled.
    Thanks very much for your help and answer to my mail adress: dduebendorfer@web.de
    Have fun and take care
    yours gratefuly
    Doris Duebendorfer

  20. Hi Room 1!
    I am Hayley from Awahono School Grey Valley :) I like how you put where your school is located.

  21. Hello Mr. Web and students do u have the very rare parrot called Kakapo?

    I have a parrot named Metoo (it means sweet in Hindi) and I would like to learn what animals live near you I'm a big fan of Biology and animal life around the world.

  22. We think you have a very vibrant and eye catching blog, do you get lots of visitors on your blog? Beowulf is a really interesting story with lots of action and we would definitely recommend it. We know a bit about New Zealand but not lots. We know that you just won the rugby world cup because our teacher Mr Ruddick never stops talking about rugby! We have also sadly learnt that Jonah Lomu has just died. The only other thing we know is that you are the other side of the world and it takes 24 hours to get there. Could you tell us any interesting facts about New Zealand? Our school is in a village called Belton which is near Norwich (you might have heard of our football team!) We were fascinated by your uniforms because they look very different to ours.

  23. Hello. Thank you so much for writing on out blog (Smithdown year 2) that would be great to make links when you're back in school. We have just started a two week break for Christmas and go back 4th January.
    We are an inner city Liverpool school and it's a great place to be! Hopefully we can tell you all about it in the new year.
    Thanks for taking time to come to our blog!

    Miss Hathaway

  24. hello. first of all, i would like to congratulate you for the amazing blog . i am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in education in India. from your blog , i got a lot f information about your school in NewZealand. I am really excited to be a teacher and can't wait to have a class blog of my own. in the mean time i have made a blog of the activities and tasks i have completed during my course . do visit my blog and leave your valuable comments and suggestions.
    heres the link

  25. Your video was so cool I can't not wait to see your other movie I bet it's going to be cool like the last one.

    Thomas Green

  26. Hi Mr Webb and Room 3, thank you for all your insightful and valuable feedback on Mahi Tahi's (Rakaia School) blog's. The students look forward to trying some of your suggestions and also popping onto your blogs to see what you have been up to. We look forward to keeping in touch. Enjoy the last week of the term. Mrs Jenkins and team Mahi Tahi.

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