Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 18

Only one more episode to go for Taranaki: Survivor!  In this weeks episode the final four contestants of Harry, Mackenna, Caro and Zariah had to compete in a timed trial along a course answering questions as created by fellow contestants Siobhan and Bethany.  The players had to locate cones at different locations based on clues and information and correctly guess answers about the show they were competing in.

Up for grabs was possibly the greatest prize yet offered - a chance to take part in the final episode... there's been twists and turns before in the series but none as unbelievable as what was about to happen in this episode!

Who would make it through to the final three? Whose game would go nearly all the way and then fall at the final hurdle? Who would triumph and make it through? This was the last episode where immunity idols could be played - would the fabled and mysterious 'super idol' of the golden horse make an appearance? Who could you afford to trust? For the second to last time these questions would become obvious once you viewed this exciting episode.

Taranaki Survivor Episode 18 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Spoiler Alert! Don't continue to read this if you don't want an explanation of what happened during the vote! 
Harry decided to give his hard won immunity over to Zariah, leaving him vulnerable to being voted off.  Zariah received two votes, from Caro and Mackenna but neither counted.  Harry and Zariah voted against Caro and it seemed as if Caro's game would finally be over.  However it came down to the location of the 'golden horse' immunity idol.  Who-ever had found it first would receive a second chance as votes towards them also didn't count.   Harry had located it and so had Caro - but who was first? Harry had realised the clues pointed towards the School Library but in his first two searches of the School Library he hadn't been able to locate it.  Caro had also realised this however she had searched and located it first time, just ahead of Harry.  As a result the votes for her didn't count either meaning all the remaining players had made it through to the finals!

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  1. Message for Myles Webb and the students of the Room 3 :

    J'adore regarder " Taranaki Survivor " (I love watching " Taranaki Survivor ").
    Je trouve que les montages sont très bien faits (I think that the editing of the movies are very well made).
    Thank you very much.

    William V.H. from the CM2 of Brindas, France